Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2016


September 13, 2016

Program:  Wes presented on an arduino wireless coax switch. Thanks Wes!

MEETING:  Started at 7:01PM (1101 UTC)

SECRETARY’S Report:  Minutes accepted, motion carried

TREASURER’S Report:  Treasurer’s report accepted, motion carried

ACTIVITIES: Let us know what programs/activities you would like to see in the year ahead . Please let Mike Long (W6RP),  our Program Coordinator,  know about your thoughts.

October Program: DSTAR Go Box – Dennis, WB3LHU


Repeater: Still there and working. Just waiting on Scott’s ok to move to top antenna.

440 repeater 4-8pm there is noise on the signal, might need to change frequency to get away from noise and avoid repeater interference with battle creek.

Might lose the .140 frequency because it is uncoordinated, future is to change to a Motorola radio. There is a DSTAR repeater on that frequency near Paw Paw (teapot dome).

Fair: Wes radio had issues. New canopy is not water proof, rain on Saturday soaked through and dripped. Friday a bit slow. Saturday radar display by Jason brought in lots of traffic. Sunday was best day of all, lots of families. Wes showed off fox stuff on Sunday morning. Running two radios and two antennas worked out well. Tom suggested setting up a second station on other side of the park to demo talking back and forth.

Spark in the Park: Consistent foot traffic, great exposure even with the active tornado and storm. Looking forward to next year’s event.

10 Meter Net:  Jack (W8PPM) invites all   to the Club Net held every Wednesday evening – 8PM local – Freq: 28.380 MHZ (alternate 28.390 or 28.370 MHZ if busy)   Topics of interest welcomed!

“Young Person” Net has started  – Hosted by KE5ETX for all hams with children interested in becoming Hams or are already Hams –Next Youth Net scheduled on 10/4  at  7PM on the 147.240 repeater  – Contact John (KE5ETX) for details and to suggest topics or offer help! Have a young child in your life?  This is a great way to get them interested in the hobby!

VE Testing:  September 24, 2016 – 9AM  @ the Allegan Hospital Cafeteria. Price is $15  + two forms of identification or a copy of your current license  – Contact AA8L for next test session information

Allegan County SAR:  Meeting 9/22 at 7PM, location to be determined.

Allegan County ARPSC: Next meeting is on 9/17 at the EOC, 122nd Avenue on 8/20 @ 9am. Randy will be presenting on EPIRB

Club web Site:

Club email list: To join the club mailing list, go to

Now on Facebook!

Upcoming Events

Kalamazoo Swap – Jim will get a table, possibly two


Ham In A Day class – get a book a week or two ahead to start studying. On day of, start at 8am, go through question pools reading question and giving answer.  Once finished, then test. Propose 8th of October, possibly using Michigan room at hospital

Nominations are in October with voting in November

Possibly introduce new position of club historian


Next Fox Hunt  tabled to determine next date

Dues can be paid  to Nancy  (KB8PFJ) at any time

ARRL Club Membership:Reminder – If you are about to renew or Join the ARRL  our club has a chance to earn some extra money due to our ARRL affiliation. By  submitting your  membership moneys thru the club  – We can keep either $2(renew) or $15 (New or not a member for 2 years)  – Bring Your renewals and Check made out to the Allegan County Amateur Radio Club to the next  meeting.  WB3LHU has the forms if anyone is interested.

Club Activities/Presentations/Opportunities:

Any ideas -!! The club is interested in Your thoughts and suggestions
AA8L: Satellite Comm antennas – update
Bringing Eagle Island on the air for IOTA
3D folded loop antennas
Digital modes (i.e. PSK31, JT65, RTTY, etc)

Meeting closed at 8:44PM local time, 0044 UTC. Thanks to all who attended
Respectfully submitted – Mike Long, W6RP  – Club Secretary

Allegan County ARC Meeting, October 11, 2016

The next Allegan County Amateur Radio Club’s meeting is October 11, starting at 7:00PM (1100UTC) located back at the Allegan County Technical and Education Center (ACATEC), 2891 116th Street (M-222) across from the Allegan County Airport. Don’t forget, the club nominates its officers and trustees whose terms are expiring for next year!

October’s presentation will feature DSTAR Go Box by Dennis, WB3LHU

Upcoming Presentations

November – TBD

Allegan County ARC Meeting, September 13, 2016

The next Allegan County Amateur Radio Club’s meeting is September 13, starting at 7:00PM (0000UTC) located back at the Allegan County Technical and Education Center (ACATEC), 2891 116th Street (M-222) across from the Allegan County Airport.

September’s presentation will feature a wireless antenna switch using an Arduino by Wes, KD8VQH

Upcoming Presentations

October – DSTAR Go Box by Dennis, WB3LHU
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